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Bonkers Blog May 2013

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28 May - Information blackout

BonkersBecause I keep an eye on who is linking to this site I have been aware for a month or so that the local UKIP branch has been linking to Bonkers fairly regularly from its Twitter account. Plugging it some might say. In fact I did get one query asking if Bonkers was a UKIP site now. As it came from Mick Barnbrook I didn’t take it too seriously but maybe I should confirm it is not. UKIP have said the same and in my opinion are absolutely free to link to whoever they wish. It is their decision and I have no complaints at all although maybe they won’t want to hear that their endorsement has made no detectable difference to the number of Bonkers’ site visitors.

I noticed today that someone at @ukipbexley has said she does not like the site name including the word Bonkers; neither do I very much, but it’s too late to change now. It seemed appropriate at the outset because the main subject matter then was road design disasters and my councillor (John Davey, Lesnes ward) had told me himself he thought Bexley road planning was “bonkers” though as that was back in 2009 I’d guess he would claim it was a reference to what Labour had done before - not that I have noticed any improvement since.

A correspondent kindly sent me a statement of something that has become only too obvious…

The 'powers that be' at Bexley have finally realised that the best way to bring your blogging career to an end is to starve you of information.

I’ve been saying that for quite a long time. How many other councils would extend a meeting interval to six months and how many leaders would fix the Constitution to inhibit questioning and deem councillors who pass the time of day with certain residents to have committed some sort of civic offence? Shunning contact with the residents is a Teresa O’Neill priority. It’s not a good idea to let the truth be known.

But even if the blog stops tomorrow it will have achieved something. Councillor Teresa O’Neill has been exposed as totally unfit for office. She is either nuts or she considers herself totally above the law. A councillor who goes to the police with a made up or wrongly attributed story about burning down the Civic Centre in an attempt to stifle criticism may well justify this website’s name after all.

Definitely on the plus side the site is saving local taxpayers £13,197 a year. If it hadn’t got up a few noses a certain councillor would not have resorted to offensive libels and resigned his cabinet post for “personal reasons” three days after his collar was felt. He hasn’t been replaced so bashing my own keyboard daily has not been a complete waste of time.

London councilsI aim to keep the blog going until at least the local elections in May 2014, maybe not daily, but whenever necessary. I am still hoping that the new mayor will run council meetings fairly and with more respect for all those present than her predecessors. Watching the likes of Alan Downing ranting and bashing councillor Malik at every opportunity may be good fun but I was beginning to run out of printable words to describe that pen-jabbing old fool.

There is no good reason for placing this image alongside except that I found it amusing. It is taken from The London Councils website. See if you can spot their idiotic mistake. Whichever figure is correct, it’s a mind boggling number don’t you think, especially at around £100 a go?



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