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Bonkers Blog May 2013

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26 May (Part 1) - Boris browses Bonkers

Googling my own name is not something I do, at least not very often; it seems a bit vain to me and last time I did it I came across something that Bexley council must wish I hadn’t. But Googling for the two words Bexley and Bonkers can be excused by labelling it ‘required research’.

GLA web browsing I did it again yesterday and came across some pretty odd stuff. I don’t know where they get their figures from but the sites that claim to rate the worth of other sites and assess the traffic carried can only be considered a bit of a joke. I learned that Bonkers is worth 872 dollars and that it attracted 45 visitors a day. Obviously it is worth nothing in monetary terms and if it attracted only 45 readers a day I doubt I would bother. I know exactly how many visitors it gets and expressed in the most favourable way that bloggers tend to use it has passed the 30,000 a month barrier.

Recently it has been less than that and I get the impression that without a daily ration of Craske scandal readers drop by less often. However if anything, the number of individual readers is slightly up month on month but except in a few cases it is impossible to tell who they are, so I was intrigued by the website,

They had submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Greater London Authority asking for the top 500 browsing destinations registered on GLA servers. Bonkers was 319th on the list for the most recent three months. The number of hits isn't stated but according to the accompanying notes, those at the bottom end of the list were getting around 1,000 visits a quarter.

What pleased me most was not just that Bonkers was on the list but that as far as I can tell only one other blog is listed. the provocatively named arseblog which I discovered related to Arsenal football club. But the six or seven noisy bloggers of the pariah borough of Barnet didn’t get a look in, ditto those in Greenwich, notably which rather pleased me because the author generally pretends Bonkers does not exist and refuses to provide a link.

The only other local website listed is the News Shopper at position number 289.

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