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Bonkers Blog May 2013

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24 May - Slow progress

There has been no change to Bexley council’s announcement that Broadway’s traffic flow will revert back to normal by the end of this month; I can only assume that they know what they are talking about but it was all something of a mess this afternoon.

Albion Road Broadway BroadwayA correspondent had emailed this morning to say that his bus to Bluewater took 25 minutes to get from the Bowling Alley to the Clocktower but by the time I got there that section was relatively clear. I can only assume that there must have been a critical construction manoeuvre to be accomplished in Albion Road.

However the problems had not gone away, the queue to Albion Road extended back to Crook Log.

BroadwayAnother email correspondent was concerned about my close shave with a bus last weekend when I stood too close to the red demarcation line which passes for a kerb and the bus driver drifted too close to the pedestrian area, presumably interpreting the ‘shared space’ idea very liberally. The emailer’s young daughter had done much the same, so I thought I'd see if it was likely to be a common event.

It was not the sort of weather to encourage standing around to capture a good example and the best I could get before being washed away was the photograph you see alongside.

If your viewing screen is well adjusted you may just be able to distinguish the red tactile strip from the road, the larger view (click image) will improve matters. Goodness knows what will happen during a snowfall.

Broadway BroadwayThe contractors were no doubt hindered by the appalling weather but there is a lot of clearing up to be done in the next six days if the council is going to achieve its goal.

The road outside ASDA was being resurfaced with ordinary tarmacadam. I thought the original plan was for blocks throughout Broadway. It would be a shame if it is to become a black and white patchwork - but it may be safer.

Tree TreeThe trees have been planted and were being well watered in. Is it a good idea to site a tree less than two feet from a road carrying a near constant procession of double deck buses?



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