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Bonkers Blog May 2013

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14 May - There must be an election due

As I was returning home last Friday carrying a helium filled balloon intended for my grand daughter I passed councillor John Davey (no gas bag jokes please) poking a Conservative leaflet through letterboxes. It’s not unique to Lesnes ward, I know the other end of the borough was getting the same treatment two or three weeks ago. The leaflet repeats the fib that “2013 is the fourth consecutive year that Bexley’s Conservative councillors have not increased your council tax bill” and as you might expect has not mentioned the numerous stealth taxes Bexley Conservatives have introduced, a complete list of which runs to 30 A4 pages.

I particularly liked this bit…
Conservative Party leaflet
Presumably council leader Teresa O’Neill hopes to fool some people into thinking that was the view of a local Labour councillor. In truth the rioting comment came from Liverpool council which has a long history of nuttiness.

Maybe it is because I get too many emails from people interested in politics but I’m beginning to feel the 2014 election is only just around the corner. I have had more than one request for permission to use some of the material that has appeared on Bonkers in election leaflets. I imagine some of it is hard to find so in an attempt to be helpful I will produce a few of my own.

For the first of what may become an occasional series, here’s something to illustrate what sort of disgusting human being Bexley Tories are prepared to elect as their leader. For your delectation, the arrogant, the dishonest, the power crazed; the Great Dictator: Teresa Jude O’Neill, the inside story.
Teresa O'NeillThe warning went on to inform me that if I continued the criticism I would be arrested by Teresa’s military wing.

First Teresa the Terrible instructs her uniformed branch to protect her from public scrutiny, next they do as their paymaster commands. (Just short of £16 million last year.)

It is what might have been expected in Stalinist Russia but “criticising the way Bexleyheath (sic) council is run by councillors“ is not yet an offence in SE London even if Teresa O’Neill would like it to be.

For the record, the Independent Police Complaints Commissioner ruled that Bexley police exceeded their authority in issuing the above warning. The Local Government Ombudsman refused to censure Bexley council.



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