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Bonkers Blog May 2013

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13 May - Craske investigation. “Incomplete” says CPS

I’d almost forgotten, but Elwyn Bryant has continued to seek information from the Crown Prosecution Service about how and when they were actually involved in the failed obscene blog investigation.

CPSProgress has been slow but the CPS did eventually get around to confirming in writing that they do not consider the police completed their investigation properly and provided them with an action plan.

There is a complaint outstanding with the IPCC against Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer, Chief Inspector Tony Gowen and half a dozen or so more who contrived to totally screw up the simplest of investigations - or deliberately chose to “resolve the [Peter Craske’s] ongoing situation” - depending on your point of view.

The intention is to submit a similar complaint against Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa and Co. for also falling down on the job. Some of his excuses for failure were less than believable. e.g.

Q. How come you identified a suspect before Christmas 2011 and you didn’t apply for a search warrant until the end of May 2012?
A. We had to eliminate you and Elwyn from the inquiry, you may have set him up by committing the crime yourself.

ResolveIt seemed sensible to await the CPS’s response to their offer to answer additional questions before submitting the second complaint.

Initially there was co-operation; presumably the CPS was confident they had done nothing wrong and there was nothing to hide. They were happy to reveal their opinion. “The investigation of the police is incomplete”.

However with Bexley police hell bent on keeping the buried safely interred, what does the CPS do if the police refuse to talk to them?

Currently the CPS is giving the impression of being seriously embarrassed at being caught up with an unresponsive police force. They are far less willing to talk than a few weeks ago.

Maybe the CPS is beginning to understand the degree of “political interference” revealed in the police files and the lengths to which the police will go to protect their friends.

The impasse is delaying the planned complaint about Olisa and Co. but procrastination is not a strategy that will work for ever. Presumably Elwyn will also go above the Level E Manager if he draws a blank for more than a few more days. It may be some time before any new developments can be reported.

Something we will get to know much sooner is whether a councillor suspected of Misconduct in Public Office will be back in the cabinet in a few days time.



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