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Bonkers Blog May 2013

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1 May - U kip if you want to. Witham man is not for turning

Crayford flood Broadway constructionThere has been no shortage of suggestions on which story should kick May into life but in my opinion none are very relevant to Bexley council. The top contender was the flood in Crayford. I should let people know one said. Sadly I don't think Bonkers is that influential and I always assume that its readers are news junkies who will be well aware of what is going on the borough.

The best pictures of Crayford’s new lake are on the News Shopper site, all I was sent was of one worker doing his very best (sarcasm alert!) to ensure the disruption will come to an end as soon as possible. (Click Photo 1.)

Perhaps he is the same guy seen on Broadway a couple of weeks ago. (Photo 2.) Probably on his break.

The other suggestion was the news to be found in most of this morning’s national papers that Bexley Conservative councillor Alex Sawyer’s father-in-law is a UKIP candidate in tomorrow’s elections. More mischief making than news I would have thought but as it was the Conservatives who started the dirty tricks campaign against UKIP they have only themselves to blame.

TweetI noted from Twitter that my MP was at a quiz last night. So was I and I seem to have done a little better than Teresa Pearce as I came home £5 richer. The answer to one of the questions (name a well known politician born on 9th April) was Iain Duncan Smith and when the answer was announced a huge chorus of boos and jeers went up from every quarter. I don’t think David Cameron has any idea just how toxic he and his cronies have become.

Most people knew the quiz answer but that may be explained by the fact that the pub was in one of the nicer areas of Chingford. (Duncan Smith’s constituency.) The beer is only £2.75 a pint by the way. Don’t all rush at once.

I spotted a report in the Bromley section of the News Shopper about Bromley council’s move towards having only two councillors per ward. Bexley leader Teresa O’Neill proposed the same after being elected in 2010 but rapidly dropped the idea when councillors realised it would hit them in the pocket.

In Bromley they supposedly pressed ahead but deferred its introduction until 2018 blaming the Boundary Commission for the delay. However it looks like another council ‘whopper’. Bexley‘s merging of services with Bromley may be having a greater than expected effect.

The details may be seen on the Shopper link above. I might have provided a snippet from the News Shopper’s front page quoting Teresa O’Neill’s promise to look at reducing the number of councillors but they are currently demanding £5.99 to look at their archive. I hope that is a temporary glitch, I can’t imagine anyone would be willing to pay. However Google provided this…
News Shopper report


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