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Bonkers Blog March 2013

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25 March (Part 1) - Keeping you in the dark

LegislationMy council tax bill arrived this morning and unlike every previous year I can remember it is not accompanied by a booklet to tell me where my money is going (†). All I got was a notice aimed at those on Council Tax Benefits which makes a brief reference to instalments being payable over twelve months on application. Why should I have to apply, Mr. Pickles says it is my right?

To confuse the issue further Bexley council has sent me twelve paying in slips but told me that my “Statutory Instalment Plan is payable as follows” and gives me ten dates.

Personally I do not much care whether it is ten or twelve payments, thanks to the idiotic policies of governments past and present my utility bills now exceed my rates bill, and if the payment was to any other body I’d probably send the lot in one go, but for Bexley I shall go to the trouble of setting up a standing order.

If you are unfortunately feeling the squeeze remember it is the right of everyone to pay over twelve months, not just those affected by the reforms as Bexley’s notice may imply.

† £15,899,368 to the police last year, the worst performing police in London.


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