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Bonkers Blog March 2013

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22 March (Part 3) - Bexley council. A job well done

The English language can be a strange beast. If I recognise a man from North of Hadrian’s Wall by his accent and refer to him by the first four letters of his country’s name he might swell with pride and reach for his hip flask. If someone refers to me by the first four letters of the Isles of my birth I might be slightly annoyed as I don’t like the term but wouldn’t consider it to be abusive; yet if a similar abbreviation of his country of origin is applied to a man with his roots in Lahore there will be few circumstances in which it will not be - abusive that is. And if that abbreviation is daubed on the wall of one’s house there can be little doubting what it is. A pretty nasty crime.

Hate Crime Repainted wall Wet paintThis website attracts quite a lot of cries for help and when it is possible and not likely to take up all my time I do what I can.

On Wednesday afternoon a distressed reader told me of the racist slogans and pictures that had appeared on her wall. I immediately emailed her a copy of Bexley’s Hate Crime Leaflet and the council phone number to call. By early evening she had done so.

At lunchtime next day I took myself over to her address which is in a nice part of the borough to see if Bexley council had responded as everyone would hope. As you can see from the photographs, they had lost no time at all in doing what they could to relieve and comfort the occupier. The new paint was still wet. The police showed up too. All within hours of her report. A pretty good result I’m sure you will agree.

For the record the perpetrators of this crime were doubly ignorant. Their victim is not Pakistani.

Note: Click first image for complete leaflet or either photograph for a larger version.


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