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Bonkers Blog March 2013

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11 March - Jam on it

Anyone stuck in Saturday’s Broadway jam may be interested in how jammy the man whose name goes on all Bexley council’s traffic related notices is. I mean Mike Frizoni, the Deputy Director of Public Realm Management. He is the only senior Bexley council employee who gets a bonus.

Bexley statement
You might wonder why Frizoni is the one man to get a bonus. Is it for having his name stuck on many of the borough’s lamp posts perhaps?

The official answer suggests that no one else is worth a bonus.

Market premia are applied to posts to retain or recruit suitably skilled and experienced staff to key roles.

Consideration of market premia is on case by case basis taking into account a range of factors which might in some cases include comparative pay of neighbouring boroughs or other authorities, the criticality of a role at a particular time, the need to retain an employee with a particular skill set, the scarceness in the market of candidates with the appropriate skill set or the requirement to ensure a combination of the right skills in a service. The market premium paid to Mr. Frizoni was agreed on the basis of those factors.

It has not been considered that market premia for other senior staff are required.

Friend’s in high places? The rest of the over-paid gang must look on enviously and neighbouring boroughs can relax, safe in the knowledge that Frizoni might not be too anxious to apply his dubious ‘skill sets’ to wrecking their roads too.


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