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Bonkers Blog March 2013

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8 March (Part 2) - Good cop, bad cop

A few readers got to the end of yesterday’s council meeting report and as a consequence asked why there is no report on what Victor Olisa had to say for himself last Friday. Well the fact is I don’t quite know what to say.

You will have seen the good cop, bad cop routine on the TV many times and it was a bit like that except that the two cops present both went from one extreme to the other. More so Olisa than the DCI. I learned a bit about their failed obscene blog investigation from the questions they refused to answer.

It was obvious that Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa didn’t like this blog and he several times referred to councillor Peter Craske as “the victim” which I queried and he justified.

In accepting the invitation I said I didn’t really have any more to say from which you might conclude the meeting represented an opportunity for the police to explain their position. They did and I would summarise their stance as somewhere between belligerent and aggressive.

For various reasons I do not judge this to be the right time to deliver a blow by blow account and maybe there never will be, but basically my view of Bexley police didn’t change very much. This time they didn’t beat me up with their fists but it felt much the same.


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