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News and Comment March 2013

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8 March (Part 1) - Paddling their own canoe - with your money

Bridge propagandaThe Sidcup Community Group’s website currently features ‘Consultation Fatigue’ which lists the items on which Bexley council was asking (at the time the feature was first posted) for your views. Sidcup High Street, Bexley’s Core Strategy, ‘Picture of Health’, the police station closures, local health issues and the Thames crossings proposals. The Listening Council!

But do they really want your views or to impose their own? On all those issues bar one they were content to announce the consultation and go back to sleep. But not so the Thames crossings. On that they wanted to influence the result and were prepared to spend money on it. Your money to put forward the local Conservative point of view. Or is it just leader Teresa O’Neill’s point of view?

Printing her propaganda sheet cost £3,366. Shouldn’t it have come out of Conservative party funds, or even Brampton Conservative Association funds?

Note: Printing and distribution cost obtained under FOI.


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