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Bonkers Blog March 2013

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4 March (Part 3) - Council Tax frozen

At this evening’s Cabinet Meeting council leader Teresa O’Neill announced that Bexley’s Council Tax for 2013/14 will be frozen at this year’s levels. This will be the third successive year the tax rate has not gone up - except for those whose benefit has been withdrawn who will pay 5% instead of nothing. The leader untruthfully claimed that this was the fourth year of the freeze but while that may have been their intention in 2010/11 it didn’t actually happen. Three years is a decent enough achievement, but Teresa O’Neill can never resist a good lie.

The full report on the meeting may appear tomorrow if the time can be squeezed out of a tight schedule. It would have been deadly dull but fortunately councillor Munir Malik brightened things up towards the end.


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