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Bonkers Blog March 2013

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4 March (Part 2) - Another Ghost of Craske?

No parking signs No parking signs Car caught in trapA reader told me he had been given a PCN for parking in a space off the Broadway which had no restrictions. He didn’t understand the reason given on the PCN (wrong class of vehicle) so I went to take a look. I can see what has happened.

A cul-de-sac has single yellow lines along its length apart from a single car length space. You can drive along as the owner of the red Nissan has and get out, look on the walls either side of the space for any restriction notice and there is none. You then walk away oblivious of the faded white paint on the road. Even if you see the ‘Motorcycles Only” painted on the road you might draw the wrong conclusion. Take a look at the large version of photo 3 to see if you agree. Does it or does it not look equally likely that the ‘Motorcycles’ written on the ground might apply to the left of the road where it is written?

Without any notices to say what the yellow line restrictions are - there are none whatever the entire length of the road - and no signs on posts or wall to say what can park in the unmarked space I would guess that a trip to the Parking Adjudicator would prove to be a worthwhile investment.

The faded state of the yellow line and road marking suggest nothing has changed in some years. How much money would the neglect have been worth to Bexley council, and who doesn’t think it was deliberate? As the Two and a Half Year Parking Saga proved, Civil Enforcement Officers are supposed to check the signage every time they issue a ticket. It looks as though Bexley council and NSL is every bit as crooked as Bexley council and Vinci Parking.

If you know the owner of W177 NLH perhaps you would let him know. I have lots more photos if needed.


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