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Bonkers Blog March 2013

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1 March (Part 2) - Cock up. No conspiracy

Bexley BulletinThis time last week Bexley council was busy working out what to do about Mick Barnbrook’s phone call which drew attention to the Agenda for the following Monday’s Cabinet Meeting not meeting legal requirements. The council in the shape of Paul Moore and his legal adviser took the only realistic course the council could. They postponed the meeting.

A few cynics wrote to suggest various conspiracy theories but all the evidence points to a simple administrative and presumably unintentional delay to publication of the Agenda and ignorance of the law. Call it incompetence if you like but the featured document on the left, the Bexley Bulletin, shows that on that fateful Friday 22nd February it was the intention to hold a Public Cabinet meeting on 25th February.

Bexley council¹s Bulletins are available here.


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