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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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29 June (Part 4) - Site news

Some readers will know that Bonkers is constructed from scratch without the help of Wordpress or Blogspot or similar web writing utilities. It’s all done the hard way which has some advantages but simplicity is not one of them. One of the site’s features is the Blog text size configuration facility - see menu above. I was tinkering with it this morning with a view to introducing a similar facility to the main site. i.e. non-Blog pages. While doing so I noticed that the user choice was stored in a Cookie called site_style when logically it should have been called blog_style, especially as I plan to use site_style to store the user’s choice of site text size etc. So I changed the Cookie name and almost certainly broke the system for anyone not using the default text sizes.

Apologies for that. It can be reset via the Configure menu or if all else fails the Cookie can be deleted.


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