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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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29 June (Part 3) - UKIP doing well in Welling

UKIP UKIPPedestrians in Welling today could hardly move for UKIP canvassers. Drivers could hardly move for Bexley council. In both Bellegrove Road and Wickham Lane the traffic was queued to the railway bridges and beyond because of the road narrowing work. Not that there actually was any work going on.

It’s been like it for a month or so but no one is sure why, no one I spoke to while lurking around the UKIP stall for rather a long time anyway.

It was fascinating to see the reaction of passers-by to UKIP, everything from “I can’t read” to requests to see the party’s manifesto. Most people took a leaflet and lots of people really dislike Bexley council and all its works. I even met three Bonkers readers.


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