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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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29 June (Part 1) - Can he hack it?

TweetOne of the people excluded from Cheryl Bacon’s closed meeting was 19 year old Danny Hackett who aspires to be a Labour councillor in Lesnes ward. He told me at ‘the meeting that never was’ that a selection meeting was to be held on Friday 28th so I suppose this midnight Tweet means he was successful.

If I knew his number or was on Twitter I’d call him to check, but maybe not; nineteen year olds don’t get out of bed on Saturdays until lunchtime. Seeking election is an extreme way of being allowed into one of Cheryl’s meeting don’t you think? Possibly even more extreme than Munir Malik having to resort to an FOI to get a Committee paper that a pig headed Cheryl wouldn’t pass across the desk to him.

In other Labour party election news I hear that Daniel Francis is aiming to get back in in Belvedere and that Seán Newman and Gill McDonald are safely reselected for the same ward. Did anyone expect anything else?

Not so fortunate is Harry Persaud (Thamesmead East) who like Munir Malik and Sandra Bauer will stand aside for an all African team.

Oh bugger! As a Lesnes voter myself does Danny’s probable success last night mean I have to vote Labour for the first time in my life?


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