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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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28 June (Part 6) - It’s enough to make you ill

GLA announcementI find the take over of local health services by Bexley council rather worrying. My experience of local health care is mixed to say the least. My GP told me not long ago that my consumption of prescriptions is around one twentieth his average, so maybe I’m not qualified to give an opinion - but I will anyway.

I’ve found Queen Mary’s to be poor and after two visits wouldn’t go there again. Not so much because of the treatment but the total lack of respect and consideration for the patient.

Queen Elizabeth I’ve always found to be good, except for one visit to A&E when they disconnected my two drips and left me on the reception area floor telling me to get myself home. It was five minutes before their four hour target time expired.

I complained and received a load of excuses and denials from Dr. Chris Streather who was Chief Exec. of Q.E.H. at the time and eventually “an untraceable locum” was blamed. My own GP told me there was no such thing as ‘untraceable’ in the medical world.

This blog was young and inexperienced at the time and I self-indulgently posted the correspondence here. It still gets quite a lot of hits.

Like the man who was in charge when 1,200 patients died at Staffordshire General, Streather continues his rise to the top. Boris Johnson has appointed him along with our very own Teresa O’Neill to form his new Health Board for London. Not exactly reassuring. Doesn’t Boris know that Teresa’s council has already helped kill someone?

CommentBexley has appointed a new Director of Public Health, Dr. Nada Lemic. She says she is going to concentrate on obesity. Seems like a good idea.

Another of Bexley’s vaguely health related schemes is to “transform the borough into a mini Holland”. For a moment I thought they were going to bulldoze Knee Hill, but no. It’s some cycling initiative or other. They are going to apply for more taxpayers’ money to fund their ideas

Only this morning Teresa O’Neill was lamenting the fact that the government is tightening the purse strings. Surely the time for vanity projects has gone?

Bexley Times’ mini Holland report.


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