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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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28 June (Part 5) - Government condemns Bexley council

NS CommentBest go and take a look at the News Shopper’s site quick. Eric Pickles’ deputy has said that calling the police to a public meeting because a member of the public took along a broken dictation machine was a waste of police time. An anonymous Bexley council spokesman says they have given Mr. Brandon Lewis a “more balanced account“ of what happened. I bet they have, the lying wotsits. This calls for an email to Mr. Lewis me thinks.

Among the lies told by Bexley council is “The problem that arose last week was caused by one of a small group of people who was intent on causing disruption and who refused to comply with our rules to gain attention. We do not employ security staff, so we asked the police to help restore order so that the committee’s business could be completed.”

DisruptionHow many times does it have to be stated that technically no one at all said anything during the meeting? It was immediately adjourned when Nicholas continued to hold his recorder after being refused permission to use it before the meeting commenced. No one but Nicholas said anything during the adjournment either apart from a small amount of whispering among members of the public present.

No one but Nicholas was asked to leave because everyone sat quietly waiting for an outbreak of common sense. Everyone was refused entry to Cheryl Bacon’s ‘Closed session’. An illegal act.

No member of the public knew of Nicholas’s intentions before they entered the Civic Offices, though he did tell his friends as they entered the reception area. I think that included the Doorman.

If the members of the public were so keen on mayhem, as Bexley council alleges, why were the councillors happy to leave them alone in the chamber to await the police? More proof of their lies is it not?


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