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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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27 June (Part 2) - Election news

Two unsolicited submissions that were ‘spiked’ during the week while more pressing things took centre stage. The usual warnings about no documentary confirmation may apply…

• Councillor Munir Malik was not selected to represent Thamesmead East in the May 2014 council elections. The three candidates will be Ms. Derry Begho, Mr. Endy Ezenwata and Ms. Mabel Ogundayo. The ‘Thamesmead Tiger’ will be missed! A separate report speaks of “back stabbing”.

• It was reported on 7th June that councillor June Slaughter is not seeking re-election in Sidcup. Probably she is persona non grata for her willingness to bid me good evening and the like, or maybe she just cannot stand the dishonesty any more. Maybe it is significant that the Conservative propaganda sheet Sidcup Matters is listing the name Rob Leitch alongside the councillors’ names. A Google search for Robert Leitch will confirm his close associations with Boris Johnson. Just what we need on Bexley council; another leech. I do hope this revelation will not provoke Director Paul Moore into another of his rages.


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