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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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23 June (Part 2) - From the weekend postbag

I’ve been away and have returned from successfully negotiating the car park which was the M25. Not just around the M4 and M3 but also at the Bromley exit where a large caravan had been turned partially to matchwood. On Saturday I found myself at a two year old’s birthday party in a very windy Wales, so a bit of a busman’s holiday really.

The visitors’ score on Friday reached 1,634; probably half arrived by accident but that still leaves a good number who have learned a little more about Bexley council. Nearly 2% dropped me an email and apart from the ‘go easy’ guidance of last week none were even remotely critical of the ‘shameful’ blog which Paul Moore took issue with. While I wind down from the long motorway journey allow me to fill you in with a selection from the weekend’s crop…

• I think Moore has somehow come to think of you as an errant council employee.
• Why is Paul Moore coming on so strong? Because you've got them rattled and they've told him in no uncertain terms that they want you silenced once and for all. May God give you the courage not to give in to these bully-boy tactics.
• Greetings Malcolm, you nasty man. How dare you place things on the internet that are already on the, erm, internet. There was a real prospect of the council taking you seriously until you did that. Take it down now or we’ll have Biffa work you over a bit before throwing you down the stairs and having you arrested for damaging council property.
• You have merely passed polite comment.
• I don’t think you have overstepped the mark.

And from somewhere nearer the other end of the spectrum…

• Take the moral high ground. Remove the offending blog in return for a meeting with Moore - or even Tuckley - to assist their inevitable transition to more openness in a way that allows them to save face.

Actually I offered Mr. Moore an off the record meeting but he did not respond.


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