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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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21 June (Part 6) - Am I bovvered?

Yeah a little bit. It’s never nice if you think you have upset someone. It’s not my way in normal life and I’m absolutely confident that no investigative journalist could ever find dirt to dish from my past. Unlike some, my wider family has no members who have ever fallen out with each other, we were brought up not knowing any other way, so it is difficult to artificially adopt a different persona. But with Bexley council I have to consider the wider picture.

Whenever I find myself going soft I remind myself of a few things…

• That Bexley council made up a total cock and bull story (arson at the Civic Centre) in an attempt to have me arrested.
• That a Bexley councillor signed a fabricated police statement aimed at putting a fellow blogger behind bars which landed him with legal costs of £10,000 before his innocence was proved.
• That someone at Bexley council, almost certainly a Cabinet member, put on his own web space his dirty thoughts that I and three other Bexley residents had engaged in homosexual acts on council premises and in their car parks.
• That the council’s Chief Executive certainly, and its leader, probably, interfered in the judicial process to ensure the culprit escaped justice. The police confirmed it happened.
• That Bexley council unlawfully cajoled residents into having their addresses published on line in order to participate in the democratic process as an act of revenge against known critics. Despite firm indications that the practice was no longer continuing, as recently as 11th June Kevin Fox was pursuing the same agenda.

These are the actions of thoroughly vile people. Everywhere you look in Bexley you can find the council flinging its weight around creating misery.

Now that gang of people intent on bringing maximum harm to me and others is trying to prevail on my better nature to remove a reference to a council employee who generously raised money for charity, and his attractive link to Downing Street. There is no malicious comment, only an acknowledgement that the Civic Centre is past its sell by date. That is why you are being asked to cough up £42 million, or whatever the figure is, for something better.

Having thought about it all day, I can’t in all honesty see what I can do to make yesterday’s blog more acceptable to Paul Moore. His bullying tone has ensured my reluctance to remove it entirely. If he is looking for that he should learn to choose his words more carefully.

There is nothing shameful about the blog and it is not part of a campaign of harassment against Mr. Fox. This year he has been subjected only to occasional factual reports. I added colour three times by calling him the council’s ‘premier jobsworth’ and their ‘lie manufacturer in chief’. His excuses were described as ‘lame’. That’s it. I wouldn’t describe it as harassment.

During the day I have had several readers egging me on to withdraw nothing but it is not them who bears the responsibility. Just one suggested I go easy on the personal stuff and I will if for no other reason that it takes up far too much time. But this particular bird has now flown. I doubt there will be any more for a while.

Knowing Bexley council’s usual propensities I took the precaution of passing my ‘shameful blog’ to a contact within the police seeking guidance. I have yet to be told I am about to be arrested.

By the way, Abbie Sampson’s blog has gone off line, can’t think why, it was all innocuous stuff. I suppose I will now have to consider withdrawing my extract. Maybe Abbie will give me some advice on what she would like me to do.


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