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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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20 June (Part 6) - It’s taken 42 years but fame has finally caught up with Nicholas Dowling

TwitterThe Bexley Times has reported last night’s events in the council chamber. They repeat a council spokeswoman’s lie that “Their subsequent behaviour was so disruptive that it was impossible for the meeting to continue”. In my opinion that is two lies.

I took verbatim notes of what was said and I have reported it word for word below. Nothing else happened, no member of the public other than Nick said a word. Maybe if Nick had actually recorded the proceedings Bexley’s lie could be proved, but most people know by now that Bexley council’s default position is to lie so maybe the lack of a tape doesn’t matter.

The second lie is that it was impossible for the meeting to continue. They could have continued but chose not to - except in camera - probably illegally.

As you can see from the Twitter conversation the News Shopper is on to the story too. With Tim in charge my expectation is that the NS report will be scrupulously accurate. Danny is a young man who studies politics - everyone is entitled to a hobby!

I can’t see Bexley’s corrupt council winning this one. Eric Pickles may be a gasbag but he has gradually strengthened the guidance and the law. It may take another year but eventually Bexley council will have no option.

The likelihood then is that someone with far too much time on their hands will make a recording, no one will ever listen to it, and no one will ever bother to do it again. To realise that takes commonsense and the problem is that no one at Bexley council has any, not even the Labour councillors who studiously avoid comment. They, you might remember, backed the illegal publication of residents’ addresses on the web and with the honourable exception of Seán Newman failed to take an enlightened view of the salaries petition.

Sad to say the only recourse the electorate might have is to vote UKIP or Independent at the next election.


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