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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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20 June (Part 4) - Foul libel

From: Malcolm Knight [mailto:malcolm at bexley is]
Sent: 20 June 2013 13:43
To: 'eric pickles at'
Cc: 'james rea at'
Subject: Iain Dale. LBC radio 19th June 2013

Dear Mr. Pickles,

I have received numerous reports that you made a libellous statement about me last night on Iain Dale’s show. The consensus is that you said about something like “I have seen that site and some of the comments are quite obscene”. If you have visited my website you will know that there is nothing obscene on it except the copy of comments published via a Conservative councillor’s phone line which accused me of committing indecent acts whilst on council property.

Because of the extreme nature of those comments I have hidden them from view behind a password.

My website is read each day by several parliamentarians and the police. I may have referred to yourself as a gasbag for saying all the right things but rarely seeing them through but I have never written anything approaching an obscenity.

I am honoured to have you as a visitor and you are welcome back at any time. I would be especially obliged if you would do that and confirm that the site is totally family friendly.

You may also care to note how your Bexley party colleagues led by Teresa O’Neill are going to considerable lengths to wreck your party’s reputation. As a 100% Conservative voter since 1964 I find that deeply disturbing. You should too.

Kind regards,

Malcolm Knight


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