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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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18 June (Part 2) - The elderly are failed by one Bexley system while motorists are pursued by another

While Bexley council mismanages its emergency call out system a better oiled part of the council’s machinery continues to operate as normal. Parking enforcement continues with its mission to maximise revenues. Here’s a quick update on last week’s reports.

PCNThe Crayford driver ticketed on the 12th because he was still awaiting delivery of his Residents’ Permit valid from 1st June has been given another Penalty Notice; the third by my reckoning.

Comments and photographs have come from a concerned passer-by and reports here have been entirely based on his information. However the driver himself has also been in touch. He appears to be a patient man and merely hopes they will be cancelled.

The man from Erith who was ticketed by BBL559 while hunting for the proof of residency demanded by the target seeking CEO did not believe in merely hoping. He fired off several complaints and FOIs. His complaints to Will Tuckley and cabinet member Gareth Bacon have gone unanswered but his ticket has been cancelled as a gesture of goodwill. As a gesture of goodwill it appears to have failed miserably. Bacon seems to be developing a reputation for not answering letters from those who fund his £76,000 of councillor allowances.

Townley RoadTownley Road continues to provide parking stories, this time not the fact that it is empty all week because of phone only parking, but because it is well used on Sundays.

In London parking on the pavement, even a tyre on the kerb by an inch, is not permitted except where appropriate signage exists. It doesn’t matter if a car obstructs the footpath much less than a tree, lamp post or bus stop, or it eases the passage of traffic. It’s not allowed, intelligent application of the law doesn’t come into it, it’s purely a decision based on maximising revenue. Nothing else matters.

The unfortunate driver of the car parked next to a tree was not aware of the rule and thought he was helping fellow motorists. If he wasn’t such a helpful chap he would be £110 better off. If he wasn’t such a helpful chap he wouldn’t have been in Bexleyheath on a Sunday at all; he had come to help out with a problem that had developed in one of the Broadway shops. He’s not going to come to Bexleyheath again so once again Bexley council helps drive another local business to the wall.

Did you see this News Shopper report? Don’t all laugh at once.


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