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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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14 June (Part 3) - Blockbuster Eric

TelegraphHe’s taken his time about getting there, but Eric Pickles, Communities Secretary, has just announced that Bexley council’s block on all forms of recording of their meetings will be busted by law. The council’s premier jobsworth, Kevin Fox, will no longer be able to say that photography is permitted by protocols but he personally refuses permission and the cretinous former mayor Alan Downing’s repetitive announcement that he prohibits photography to protect members of the public is exposed as the lie it always was.

The only negative I see is that I will never know whether newly appointed mayor Sharon Massey would have been stupid enough to pursue the same course of action. Now I must rely on more subtle indicators of whether she will represent a break in the long line of disappointing mayors.

Note: The Department for Communities has now issued a press release.


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