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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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9 June - Mayor on display in public for first time - and a new bust of the Queen gets a look in

Clocktower King George V William Morris Queen behind the flagThere were very few people standing outside Christ Church waiting for the great, the good and the downright disreputable to emerge and there was not a single Union Jack or rotten tomato to be seen. By the Clocktower things were very different, still nothing red or white or blue in evidence, apart from the big flag draped across the Clocktower, but there was a much bigger turn out than last year and every space was occupied by those anxious to find a view not obscured by a policeman.

Few will have succeeded but it was nevertheless a thoroughly good show so far as one could judge from the back of the crowd and a sound system not good enough for the non-military voices.

Dave Easton Mayor Sharon Massey Mayor Sharon Massey Mayor Sharon MasseyFor the precision arrangements Bexley council should presumably thank their organiser Dave Easton, Bexley council’s Head of Member Services, who was frequently seen directing proceedings with waving arms and walkie-talkie.

Mayor Sharon Massey looked alternately apprehensive and serious but nevertheless made a fine sight in all her robes and regalia.

I attended not just because she looked cute or because the parade is an important civic event, especially this year, but for the opportunity to restock on photos of councillors. Since they are so keen not to be photographed at other times it seems only just that they should get the attention of a moderately long lens (135mm for the technically inclined) while on their best behaviour at events such as this. It should be said that several of them take this in good part, including some whose names might surprise you - and quite a lot don’t.

Speeches Unveiling Unveiling UnveiledAfter marching from Christchurch to the Clocktower and some commendably short speeches Major David Hewer pulled the string. Everything worked perfectly after which the assembled throng was encouraged to sing the National Anthem.

Few could be heard despite Bexley council having gone to the trouble of printing and distributing the words, second verse and all!

Mayor and husband singing Deputy Mayor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis Removing the debris The QueenDeputy Mayor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis was happy to mingle with the crowds after formalities ended looking rather more relaxed than Mayor Sharon who rapidly disappeared into her limo. But then she didn’t have the weight of responsibility on her shoulders and has a pub to go back to.


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