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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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6 June (Part 2) - Broadway balance

News ShopperMaking things up to embellish a blog entry would be a very silly thing to do. Being found out would damage any credibility built up over several years. If some readers knew the statement that (aesthetics excepted) absolutely no one has commented favourably on Broadway was untrue because they had written in praise of it, the rot would set in. Proving yourself a liar may be Bexley council’s way but I don’t want it to be mine.

However in the quest for total honesty I must now admit that a plus point for Broadway has been submitted. I give it to you totally unedited to see if you agree…

I have a favourable comment: surely to goodness this fiasco will finally make the people of Bexley see sense, and sweep this miserable lot out of power at next year’s elections.

I trust this will bring joy to all those councillors who fell for councillor Peter Craske’s promise of “People-friendly, business-friendly, better streets”. For it is the phone parking genius and parking permit price tripler who takes the credit for what we see today in Broadway, not the current incumbent of the Public Realm hot seat, Gareth Bacon.


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