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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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4 June (Part 1) - Accident waiting to happen

Broadway BroadwayYesterday eight people contacted me about Sunday’s pictures of the ‘revitalisation’ of Broadway. Every one of them was complaining; not about the pictures but what was variously described as a glorious waste of money to an accident waiting to happen.

I was away yesterday but today I managed to get to Broadway to take another look. It was fascinating and occasionally shocking. Some people cross roads pushing buggies, yapping on the phone or enveloped in a headphone induced trance without being aware of the dangers all around them.

While loitering with intent to take photographs, I overheard many conversations about the new road and absolutely none were complimentary. I mentioned to a few people who stopped to chat the cost of £3·5 million, and there was a general preference for fixing potholes instead. Shopkeepers were particularly upset having suffered serious trade loss and denied compensations. As one said, we are never going to get the money back, people have got into the Bluewater habit and no one will be queuing up to see a few oil stained road blocks.

Later today a lot more photographs will form a Part 2 blog.


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