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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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2 June (Part 2) - Urban clearway

The Broadway was open for two way traffic this morning just in time to be shut again for next Sunday’s Civic Parade. Maybe I was taken in by the magnificent artists’ impressions (†) but I find myself a little underwhelmed by it. What is the expenditure of £3·5 million supposed to do for Bexleyheath? Make it more attractive to shoppers presumably, but having seen that black expanse of fresh black tarmac pretty much devoid of traffic I couldn’t help thinking it looked rather like an airport runway stretching towards the distant Shooters Hill. Casual parkers won’t be too happy, I noticed four spaces for blue badge holders but the rest were loading only.

The demarcation between road and footpath leaves something to be desired - see photos five and six - and I imagine that in slippery conditions straddling the tarmac and the cobblestones will test anti-lock braking systems to their limits.

Maybe it’s not finished, but it isn’t clear what those bicycle markings are all about.

Broadway open Broadway open Broadway open Broadway open Broadway open Broadway open Broadway open Broadway open

Click any picture (and then the left/right arrows for more) for enlarged views.

Note: The Broadway is not an Urban Clearway as may be implied by the title, but it is a Restricted Parking Zone. Basically, if you have no Blue Badge, forget it and go somewhere else.
Compare the artists’ impressions with the photos above; the road is nothing like the same colour for a start.


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