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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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19 July (Part 6) - Fobbed off by the Local Government Ombudsman

BridlewaySome of you have asked why Bexley council’s complacency over the blocked bridleway has not been referred to the Local Government Ombudsman because its closure is a clear breach of the law. There are two problems with that.

Firstly the LGO is stuffed to the gunwales with ex-council types steeped in the way of their colleagues and naturally sympathetic to all but their wildest excesses and secondly they will only help an individual if he or she has been personally affected by a council’s inappropriate action or inaction.

So the offer of an electronic key fob absolves the LGO of the need to do anything. The fact that the rest of the population is deprived of their right is of no consequence to them - unless of course they all complain.


The fact that key fobs are near impossible to obtain is of no consequence to the LGO and if Mascal Stables won’t issue a £12.50 key to everyone who asks they suggest a trip the the Magistrates’ Court.
Who’s coming?


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