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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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19 July (Part 4) - Another disgraceful blog

Elwyn Bryant got short shrift from councillor Colin Campbell when he asked for a meeting to discuss the comments he had made on live TV. Campbell replied “I have no wish to have any dealings with you or your friends connected to Bexley is Bonkers”.

Elwyn is not a man easily put off…

Dear Councillor Campbell,
Thank you for your email. On the evening of the 9th July I asked you twice if I could have a word with you. On the second occasion I asked you as my ward Councillor to talk to me, you refused again and said “I feel threatened by you”.
Would you please explain to me the reasons why you feel threatened by me.
Yours sincerely,

Campbell lost no time in replying…

I find that whatever I say to one of your friends appears on a web site, usually distorted and thus I have no intention of entering into a discussion with you. As I say you are associated with a disgraceful web site and as such must accept the consequences

It seems Campbell does read Bonkers after all but I’m disappointed by the ‘distorted’ bit. If distortion was the intention I would have edited Campbell’s first email and omitted its final sentence. viz. “May I repeat my offer if you have any genuine issues as a constituent I will endeavour to deal with them or find someone to assist you”.

It would appear that readers of this website risk being disenfranchised and it remains the case that the deputy leader of Bexley council does not regard his lying on TV to be a ‘genuine issue’. Exactly what you’d expect of a council built on lies.


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