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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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19 July (Part 2) - Cruelty towards the elderly

Mayor's limo Mayor's limoMy offer to take a tasteful panoramic shot of the mayor and her entourage at the council meeting two days ago was rejected on the orders of controller O’Neill so I am forced to rely on the local paparazzi - with some reluctance I might add - but Bexley council’s dishonest intransigence over one simple photograph persuades me that it doesn’t always pay to be Mr. Reasonable and as councillor Colin Campbell has said, this website is full of crap anyway.

I have been sent photos of the mayor's car parked on the pavement before, usually accompanied by critical comment but in the immortal words of councillor ‘Biffa’ Bailey “They can do what they like”.

This motto finds widespread use. As noted a couple of weeks ago, Teresa O’Neill is subverting democracy again by concealing the fact that one of her councillors is sadly no longer fit to hold office. A by-election should be called but O’Neill’s excuse is that that would cost money. If she was really keen on that she would have pursued her three year old promise to reduce the number of ward councillors to two.

Meanwhile O’Neill condemns a councillor to being wheeled into the chamber and taken home again before the meeting has ended in the mayor’s expensive motor car to ensure the attendance record is maintained.

Not ideal photos with which to illustrate a council meeting but thanks to the council’s protocols they are the best available. A nice picture of the mayor resplendent in her apple green outfit would have been so much more tasteful.


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