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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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19 July (Part 1) - On yer bike, Frizoni

A reader supplied blog and pictures this morning. When I went to the Civic Centre last Wednesday, having heard of the Mayplace Road chaos, I chose to get the B11 bus rather than the 229 so as to avoid it. If I had known it was so spectacular I’d have gone to have a look.

Bexley Stables Slades Livery Vicarage Road Horse Transport

I decided to drive through Bexleyheath last night at 7 p.m. What could possibly go wrong?

Approaching Erith Road from Mayplace Road East I could see that Mayplace Road West was closed. The recommended diversion was to turn left onto Erith Road but that way was full of stationary traffic. I turned right instead, headed north on Erith Road, left into Long Lane, left again into Woolwich Road heading toward Arnsberg Way.

As I got to the junction of Chapel Road and Arnsberg way, the traffic was gridlocked and appeared to have been for some time. After about five minutes I decided to walk down to the junction to see what the problem was. There were two single file road works restrictions allowing one direction at a time controlled by temporary traffic lights, one either side of the T-Junction.

I don't receive £108,622 per year myself so I am not qualified to explain to you the wisdom of this particular arrangement. A local Bobby had been sent along to try and make some sense of it all. He eventually unblocked it after plenty of manoeuvring. As I returned to the car I saw that some of my fellow victims had found a bit of kerb space to abandon their cars and continue their journey on foot. I can't help feeling that the town centre will need to undergo some regeneration when these monkeys have eventually finished with it.

Map provided for out of town readers. Click to enlarge.


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