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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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14 July (Part 2) - If at first you don’t succeed. Again!

No right turn Except buses No right turnWhat is Mike Frizoni up to in Erith Road where it crosses Mayplace Road? He probably doesn’t know himself.

For years there was No right turn, then a couple of months ago that sign was replaced by an ‘Except buses’ notice. What buses were allowed to do that other vehicles weren’t was anybody’s guess. The No right turn had gone. (Photo 2.)

Then just a couple of days ago the original No right turn warning was reinstated with an exception for buses. Sense at last? Well not quite.

Erith Road at that point is not a bus route. True, some ‘Not in service’ buses use it as a short cut to the depot, but for that they go straight ahead.

So what devious little plan has Mad Malicious Mike got in mind? It’d better be good for £108,622 a year. Maybe Bexley council’s malign influence extends to Transport for London and the 492 is going to be diverted via the new Civic Centre.

With photographic assistance from Google Street View and a reader.


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