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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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14 July (Part 1) - Rotten Borough

Private Eye News Shopper, Bexley Times, Daily Mail, The Sunday Politics Show. Where next? How about Private Eye? (See image.)

Teresa O’Neill’s thoroughly dishonest ruling that anyone can take a photo at a council meeting with permission - but permission must on no account be granted - is exactly what electors have come to expect of her council. Lies, more lies, and the occasional bit of blatant law breaking thrown in.

What is needed at a Bexley council meeting is for some stranger to walk in. Stand in front of the assembled members, take a picture and walk out again. There is not a thing they could do about it, especially if the photographer doesn’t mind getting banned from future meetings.

And how would they do that? Put mug shots in the foyer?


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