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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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11 July (Part 3) - Arresting a disabled old man - Bexley style

Councils, Bexley included, have been taking over responsibility for health services which is unnerving in some ways. In Bexley, if they are party to killing someone you can be sure it will be covered up. It will likely be the same with National Health Services too.

Yesterday I received a long awaited appointment letter for a physiotherapist but the condition which had persisted for best part of a year recently decided it would go away, so it seemed appropriate to call and cancel the appointment. After pressing a number of telephone buttons I was lumbered with one of those ‘your call is important to us, we are experiencing unusually high levels of demand’ messages, so I eventually gave up and will risk their wrath when I don’t turn up. This was to a doctor’s surgery, not a hospital but I suppose I am lucky to have a GP at all.

A neighbour who is in a very poor state of health is not registered with a doctor at all. He said he is blacklisted because it is alleged he had waved his crutch at the receptionist to make a point. I doubt he could stand and wave a crutch at the same time, he struggles to reach my front door when he is seeking help.

Four cops Bexley policeYesterday I was disturbed by four police officers at his front door yelling at him to come to the door. Probably they had no understanding of how long it would likely take him. After around 20 minutes he was bundled unceremoniously into the back of their van. Later in the day he related what it was all about.

He says he was unwell and needed a doctor so went to a surgery to see about registration. He was refused once again. The doctor, compassionate money sponge that he is, then reported him to the police for harassment. What else may have happened is unknown but the result was four uniformed officers at his door. Fortunately the duty solicitor was a good man and told the police where they should get off.

Four officers to arrest an old man who can barely stand up. Superintendent Ayling says it is his top priority to make officers visible, so I’m sure he will appreciate me making them a little more so.


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