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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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11 July (Part 1) - Twitter

I’m not sure that I should admit how much of my time this website and blog has been taking up recently. In newspaper terms I am reporter, photographer, editor, letters editor, typesetter, distribution manager and advertising manager. The latter consists of little more than putting out the RSS feed which I suspect that few readers have ever noticed.

There is more that could be done. I mostly get requests for a forum and to participate in Twitter. I am aware how powerful Twitter can be. On days when Bonkers is featured on a popular Twitter account, web hits rise noticeably. Anything from 5% to more like 500% when Bexley council was busy trying to get a resident slung into jail. What is needed is more hours in the day and more of the retired members of the team who know their way around a computer. At present there is only me but new members are welcome, computer literate or not.

As a small step in what I hope is the right direction I have recruited someone to, in effect, duplicate the RSS feed on Twitter. You may have noticed the arrival of the Twitter icon on the menu bar above which became operative at ten fifteen yesterday evening.

I haven’t much idea where this will lead, I don’t expect to match my daughter’s 12,387 followers, but I’m willing to give it a try. I shall not be directly responsible for what goes on there, I’ve still not signed up to Twitter, but if I consider it is all going pear shaped I can always remove the little blue bird.

Inevitably, the RSS feed will always provide the quickest notification of new material on Bonkers but Twitter might be simpler for some.


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