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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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9 July (Part 2) - Disorder at the Civic Centre?

Council chamberIt would seem I was not alone in believing deputy leader Colin Campbell’s assertion that Bexley council would allow photography at this evening’s cabinet meeting. There have been four possibly five requests that I know of and three I know to have been rejected on the instructions of council leader Tyrant O’Neill. Don’t blame the messengers, I suspect the HR and Publicity managers who have been dragged in to sign the rejections are as heartily sick of the leader’s secrecy at all costs mission as the rest of the borough.

I won’t be taking photographs myself but I cannot speak for others. My camera will be at the bottom of a shopping bag in case there are things worth recording outside the council chamber.

The repercussions of Cheryl Bacon’s law breaking and Colin Campbell’s televised lie fest have so far resulted in complaints to the local standards board, both Eric Pickles and his right hand man, Brandon Lewis, FOIs to the police, another column in tomorrow’s News Shopper and possibly a complaint to OFCOM about piffle being broadcast as political fact.

Keep up the good work Bexley council, you make us all feel proud to have elected you.


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