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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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7 July (Part 1) - On your bike, Bexley

Abbey RoadThe fact that the borough’s cycling injuries have gone up by 70% in a year reminded me that there used to be a cycle lane in the middle of Abbey Road at its junction with Knee Hill. What its purpose was remained a mystery until it disappeared nearly ten years ago. Why is the New Road Layout sign still there?

I’ve only ridden a bike in Bexley once or twice and serious biking would only be possible for me in an East/West direction, I have never seen anyone cycle up Knee Hill and the other direction is accessible only to amphibious vehicles thanks to Bexley council’s transport strategy; however there are cyclists around and one sent me a message, complete with photographs.

Yarnton Way Yarnton WayBexley council talks of creating a mini Holland; well a good start was made with Broadway. No cycle lanes away from the traffic. There was their chance to show the council’s commitment to cycling. The choice seems to be Broadway or hospital but at least there is a place to park your cycle while you are away.

Does Bexley council have anyone who understands cycling? It no doubt brings in so called experts; or gold diggers, to further rip the council taxpayers off.

To address cycling borough wide may be be expensive but it has to be all or nothing. To put down a few cycle lanes, then claiming credit is not a commitment to cycling.

Crayford CrayfordI’ve raced cycle speedway and road cycling, cycled to Paris, the London to Brighton and Cambridge along with others and have seen how councils think they are cycling committed. Putting white lines down as cycle lanes together with a few signs does not show commitment.

Bexley’s cycle lanes which lead nowhere may look good for the council’s leaflets and website. The non-cycling community may think it’s green and great. But it’s not.

A lot can be done to address cycling safety, at very little cost but not spending much does not massage councillors’ egos! Spending or wasting loads of money on mad ideas does.

Take a look at the cycle lane near Sainsbury’s in Crayford. Cyclists are left in the middle of the road where traffic comes out of the supermarket and the petrol station. Great thinking, by people who don’t cycle!

For another idiotic cycle path, click here. It’s no different today than six months ago.


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