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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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5 July (Part 4) - Photography and Bexley council

Council chamberRegular readers will know that I have no desire to audio or video record Bexley council meetings, in my opinion nothing could be more boring. However the occasional still photograph might be a welcome addition to the blog.

I went through the ‘would it be OK if I took a picture under your direction before the meeting started?’ routine several months ago and Kevin Fox rejoiced in saying ‘No’, but I thought I’d try again following the recent guidance from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

It took more than two weeks to get a response but yesterday the Director of Corporate Services gave me an answer. ‘No’ again.

I have uploaded the complete email trail so that you may see what I requested and read the council’s considered reply. It is the second of the four emails.

To reject a request to take a single photograph may torpedo any argument Colin Campbell plans to put forward on The Sunday Politics Show. The producer is aware of the latest correspondence. As for Director Paul Moore, I think it will almost certainly be a case of ‘Please don’t shoot the messenger’. He will be doing council leader Teresa O’Neill’s bidding.


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