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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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4 July (Part 3) - Tyred of life in Bexley

Hook RoadAs a very occasional visitor to Welling I find the junction with Hook Lane very dangerous. It looks like a standard junction with a central refuge but it is a potential death trap. If a pedestrian is heading west he might do so metaphorically as well as literally.

On approaching the first carriageway one naturally looks right and when on the central refuge, naturally left. It’s the same at millions of junction up and down the country, but not in Welling.

The first carriageway is for traffic heading south exactly as you would expect but the second carriageway is two directional. Only in Bexley would such a nonsense be contrived and last Saturday while en-route to UKIP’s little outing I came perilously close to a big red bus. “Squish” as my granddaughter is fond of saying when she steps on an unfortunate bug.

However it is not only pedestrians who are put at at risk in Welling by Bexley council; it’s motorists too.

Danson Crescent Danson CrescentIt’s a tight bend to get from Hook Lane into Danson Crescent and construction debris doesn’t help, but clip the kerb at your peril. The new stones have such a sharp edge that according to the nearest shopkeeper five motorists have sliced a big gash in their nearside rear tyre in the space of one hour. I’ve spoken to one of them.

While on site taking photographs an elderly gentleman voiced his disgust at Bexley council but said he had the solution. He was emigrating. It seems a bit drastic to me. Much better to put in a claim for damages to Mike Frizoni.

How long will it be before he gets out of his ivory tower wielding a grinder?


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