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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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3 July (Part 2) - Maybe he has an alibi

Being Head of Legal Services must be a difficult job in Bexley. Defending the indefensible and the downright dishonest can’t be easy while signed up to a professional body with an interest in maintaining the law and which might just possibly rap your knuckles if you fail to uphold it.

Teresa O'NeillCouncillor Cheryl Bacon’s flagrant disregard of the 1972 Local Government Act resulted in a number of complaints that Mr. Alabi will have to find an excuse for. The lies told to the News Shopper give a clue as to what that will be; “no one but Nick Dowling was excluded” while those who were there knows very different. Any obvious lies and Alabi himself is in the firing line.

It is 15 days since my request to take a photograph at a council meeting hit Alabi’s desk and the only sign of an acknowledgement is Paul Moore’s abuse of power in threatening me with no photography if I didn’t remove the blog of 20th June. He wrote it at 13 minutes to midnight, maybe he wasn’t thinking straight.

A cabinet meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday and a reminder to that effect has been sent to Mr. Alabi and contrary to the council’s own rulebook, there is still no reply. The poor man will be under instruction from politicians with much to hide. All this fuss over a simple still photograph. When Eric Pickles eventually forces their hand a couple of people will take a handful of pictures and then the novelty will wear off. What are they worried about?


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