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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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2 July (Part 5) - Hoo bloody ray!

I had this brilliant idea of setting up three test pages progressively removing all the new facilities from those three pages until it was totally back to square one to see if the user’s wriggling effect would go away, however just as the first test page was completed in came the following message…

Safari on iPad ... I've reset everything, cleared all cookies and website data, and Bonkers has finally stopped wriggling. I'm not going to touch anything or attempt to reconfigure it in any way, in case it squirms again.

Now I've just got the problem of having lost the stored passwords and other data for every other website I've ever used. Please keep ditching the dirt on dodgy Bexley so I know it was worth it!

People don’t go around making these stories up but I knew the site was the same as before with an extra facility added and the Cookie arrangements consequently revised. The test page removed the access to those new facilities and ignored all Cookies. Now the effort looks to have been wasted.

It’s a pity about the loss of passwords etc. and we shall never know now but I suspect there was a simpler solution. If you go to the footer of this or any other Blog page and click on ‘Cookie policy’ you will reach a page which allows you to delete all the Blog Cookies. It’s possible the problem was caused by this but I am grateful for the user’s perseverance.

There is an identical looking footer at the bottom of non-Blog pages which routes to a different page which allows deletion of the non-Blog Cookies. Yeah, I agree, the site has become immensely complicated. I can’t believe I wrote all that code.

As for dishing the dirt on Bexley, I have been sent some letters which indicate a possible Haringey Baby Peter style scandal in Bexley, but guess what, they covered it up. Does Bexley have its very own Sharon Shoesmith? It’ll take a while to get to the bottom of that one.

The ‘Mobile code’ removed at 5 p.m. today has been restored.


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