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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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2 July (Part 4) - Safari on an iPad

By 5 p.m today 65 different users had visited Bonkers using Safari on an iPad spending an average of four minutes and forty one seconds on site. Three have contacted me to say things are much improved. One has said “It worked perfectly before, now the text wriggles and shimmers”. Thank you for coming back with the Safari on an iPad information.

That helps because what I can say absolutely is that nothing whatever has been done to text or to the instructions that control its appearance. Some graphics are being scaled down differently but nothing has changed with the text.

However one thing occurs to me. Each page now communicates directly with mobile devices to allow them to grab certain information and make the best decisions for that device. It will be removed within the next couple of minutes and will stay that way for 24 hours pending further feedback. It’s a shame that this has to be discussed in public but perhaps the message comes from one of the council informants who must necessarily remain anonymous.

To allow comparison, the ‘mobile code’ will be removed only from the Blog pages.

P.S. The deed is done!


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