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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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1 July (Part 3) - Reader comment

I suppose I should have expected this, a pity the writer chose to remain anonymous. Maybe he knew the sarcasm wouldn’t go down too well after a weekend of experimentation and a lot of thought…

That's great Malcolm. What about the other half of us, who wouldn't dream of attempting to access your site using a mobile phone (or, in my case, have the slightest notion of how to do such a thing), whose “user experience” has been significantly diminished by your recent tinkerings?!

As one of the other half myself, who refuses to succumb to the dubious allure of a mobile phone, I am in the same boat. If it was possible I would reply privately as follows…

After extensive testing this morning one small simplification was made. Unfortunately Internet Explorer was perfectly OK with it but I didn’t get around to checking Chrome, Firefox and Safari and, Murphy’s Law, they weren’t happy. A fix was belatedly applied which was accepted by all four browsers.

In what way is it not as good, all the old choices are there? Unless you specifically choose the Mobile configuration nothing is changed. There may be a conflict with previous user choices (Configure) but a new one may be set the same way as before. If all else fails use the browser to delete all Cookies. The site looks exactly the same to me apart from the two line menu and with three readers who have helped with checking following this afternoon’s changes. The Mobile mode is entirely optional.

Unfortunately the Opera browser doesn’t like the new arrangements at all and Bonkers averages three visits a day from Opera users. For the time being they are going to have problems although the Menu map may provide a temporary alternative.

It would be best if these exchanges did not have to clutter up the blog and any more anonymous messages will be acted on if possible but not receive a reply.


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