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News and Comment January 2013

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31 January (Part 3) - Thames Crossing Consultation

Gareth Bacon Boris JohnsonThe last day is tomorrow. Have your say. It took me under a minute to fill in the form. You don’t even have to give them your email address.

Yesterday Bexley councillor Gareth Bacon was arguing with Boris Johnson that the residents of this borough all want to stay cut off from the north of London for as long as possible while the Mayor said he could make no such guarantees.

Thanks to another bit of modern infrastructure that Bexley council also hopes will go away for ever you may see the exchange of views via the miracle of GLA web casts. Choose ‘Question time - 30th January’, currently at the top of the list, and drag the video slider to one hour and 38 minutes. See if you agree that Gareth Bacon comes across as an out-classed plonker claiming to speak for us all.

Sometimes I wish that Ken Livingstone had been elected in 2008, Venezuelan terrorists and all! On second thoughts; forget that.


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