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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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26 January - Thank goodness it’s the weekend

BlogrollThere’s no easy way to tell if a blog is being well received or not. The number of Bonkers readers gradually goes up, the Google ranking is high and almost 100% of readers who make comment do so favourably. Comments such as “Malcolm I write to you, not just to give you my support, but because I feel so angry and useless! I wish you well, with kind regards”, will always help drive matters on despite the obstacles put in the way.

The actual number of blog hits is not a good guide to success, getting on for half a million a year based on this month’s figures but more interesting would be the answer to ‘how many Bexley households does it reach?’. I could guess but there are rather a lot of regular readers from outside the borough which confuses the issue.

The more readers there are the more likely it is that some will be a bit odd. For a couple of weeks now I have had someone telling me I am not doing a good job because I am missing all the really good stuff. The child slavery, the adults imprisoned in their homes by Bexley council, the paramilitary activity on our streets, the feuding groups baying for territorial control of drug dealing, that councillor Val Clark is a significant figure in the criminal underworld at the centre of a very dangerous professional network which includes Bexley Council Monitoring Group members. Worst of all, that I am a member of the Conservative Party.

Much as I would like to believe the Val Clark story I suspect that none of the above is a serious problem and most is simply not true.

For the record neither I nor any member of the BCMG is a member of any political party although I think, left to his own devices, Mick Barnbrook might like to start his own.


Mind you, with this sort of thing happening almost daily in the UK maybe I am too complacent.

If you watch the video, a man hangs around in a corridor for three and a bit minutes and is suddenly set upon by uniformed thugs for no apparent reason. His ‘crime’ was bringing a private prosecution against two police officers. So from what one can see he was stitched up and given a criminal record for being beaten up. Now the police will be able to discredit him when he brings his prosecution. Looks like I had better be careful.

There is no sound.

The Daily Telegraph gives some background detail.


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