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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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24 January (Part 2) - Miserable? They may be now

Les Miserables film posterCompleting my response to the Borough Commander’s invitation to a meeting took blooming ages. Not that it took too long to write the basics, I know every event and its date off by heart but when one goes to write them down every one has to be checked for unintentional exaggerations or careless assumptions.

Then it has to be bounced across to Elwyn Bryant who is equally involved in the case. Elwyn, would you believe goes out shopping and takes his wife to the cinema - the cheek of it! Why can’t he wait for the Les Mis Blu-ray like me and benefit from a dry seat, the correct projected aspect ratio and better sound? Does he have no idea where his priorities lie?

Then there was the fundamental question to be decided between us. Do we go to the meeting or not? It was a difficult one. I can’t honestly see what the Chief Superintendent can do at this late stage of the game and the cynic in me, some are saying realist, thinks it can only be a last ditch attempt to cover the backsides of his predecessors, not that I believe he is entirely blameless himself.

So eventually the final i was dotted and t crossed and the Send button pressed. The deed is done and we agreed to attend the meeting if the Commander still desires it.

Another protracted debate was whether I should let Bonkers’ readers see it. My initial thoughts were definitely not but following a number of revisions I began to change my mind. It’s a long email but there is nothing much in it which cannot be found buried here, there, and everywhere on this website. It’s just that pulling it all together makes for some rather unpleasant reading if at some time in your life you were misguided enough to believe that police officers were here to help us.

So if you have the time and still have the interest, you can read it here.

I cannot conceive of anything that may come out of a meeting which will put a stop to the next stage, the evidence, much of it documentary is too good. The names of Teresa O’Neill, Will Tuckley, Melvin Seymour and up to nine police officers will be bundled up in a file and sent to Scotland Yard alleging corruption and perverting the course of justice. It would have been a damn sight simpler to have hung out a certain councillor to dry and, as the expression has it, to move on.

Most likely the establishment will conspire against us and find some reason to absolve everyone of blame but it is always interesting to see their twists and turns along the way. My family is used to it, we are still chasing the police over the Sydenham murder 26 years ago in which they were intimately involved - and I don’t mean in the investigation. Follow the campaign on Twitter.


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