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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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23 January (Part 1) - Personal service

This blog is for Mick Barnbrook’s friend who says he cannot read Bonkers because the text is too small. Yes it is small and it suits me because I have a big screen and I have been to Specsavers, but I acknowledge that it doesn't suit everyone. The answer is to click on the rightmost green blog menu title above where it says Configure. Look just above the date 2013. There you will find a choice of three text sizes, each of them available in justified format or not. Just click on the one that suits you. A demo of the effect may be viewed on the same page.

A cookie will save your choice for future visits although it will expire and need to be set again after a year. The text will revert to Small if you clear cookies from your computer, reselect Small via Configure or permanently delete the Bonkers cookie via Cookie Policy at the foot of this page.

The system doesn't work on the December 2012 blog. I know why, there is a conflict with the Tavy Bridge sliding graphic. I suppose I shall have to find time to fix it. Today’s Part 1 blog (this one) cannot be expanded or shrunk either (but it will justify) . The font size is ‘hard wired’ in.

All web browsers allow an across the board magnify facility. If you are using a recent version on Internet explorer try something other than 100% in the bottom right hand corner.

Here endeth the lesson.


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